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The Shack

Based on a Christian novel, The Shack tells the story of a man who is grieving deeply.  Framed in flashbacks by a preacher (Tim McGraw), we see Mack’s (Sam Worthington) hard life and his dark understanding of God turn to a wiser understanding when he is invited to spend a weekend at the same shack his daughter was murdered in.  The Shack is faith-based non-denominational magic realism, and although it’s been called heavy-handed, it does have some wisdom for those who are grieving.  Also starring Octavia Spencer and Graham Greene as God, Aviv Alush as Jesus Christ, and Sumire Matsubara as the Holy Spirit.  Directed by Stuart Hazeldine.

Rated PG-13 for thematic material, including some violence.

Friday,  March 24  at 7pm
Sunday, March 25 at 7pm
Monday March 27  at 7pm

Regular Ticket Prices: Adults $9, Seniors/Students/Children $8
Mondays:  Dollar off!  Adults $8, Seniors/Students/Children $7
Matinees: $6

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