2012 Kids Camps & Classes


Improv at the Roxy

April 14: 12pm-6:30pm / April 15: 9am-3:30pm
Weekend Intensive Improvisational Theatre Workshop & Sunday Improv Show

Rebecca Rogers, long-time improv professional, offers this weekend of intensive improvisational theatre training for all ages and skill levels. Participants will learn the fundamentals of improv and then advance to its subtleties, with a culminating performance on Sunday evening.

Tickets: Workshop: $100, includes lunches. Lodging available starting at $40. $20 discount for registration by March 23.
Sunday Show: $7



Day Camp: June 25-July 14, 2012
OnStage Children’s Theatre Education Program Summer Day Camp

Wonderland! is an unabashedly silly adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass. Audiences of all ages will adore the hip-hopping music, familiar characters, dozens of new ones (such as plastic light-saber wielding knights!) and the upbeat, coming-of-age story.

Show: July 13 at 7pm; July 14 at 2pm
Day Camp: $100 (scholarships available)
Tickets: $8

Foreign Film Festival

Beginning September 28, 1012 12pm – 3:30pm
Class offered by Centralia College East

This fall quarter offering features eight films from various parts of the world that will be shown at the Roxy followed by instructor-led discussions. The class is taught by Vann Cantin.

Class fee: $51. Register now at Centralia College East or call (360) 496-5022.

Onstage Children’s Theatre Education Program

Rehearsals: Oct 9 – Dec 6, 2012; 3pm – 5:00pm every Tues, Thurs & Fri

Performances: Dec. 7th at 7pm; Dec. 9th at 2pm

Director Linda Mullen will be working with students over the next two months on a variety of drama and theater skills including improvisation and voice projection. There months of work will culminate in a holiday performance titled, Expose: Holiday Celebrities Tell All! Program available to children 6-18 years of age.